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BCRC announced its entry into the Canadian higher education market in December 2010 with the intention of placing international students into Canadian institutions in the 2011/12 academic year. The move marked an expansion of the company’s overall multi-destination marketing strategy.

A Toronto-based company was also established  in Bangladesh to focus on developing the company’s Canadian client portfolio, supporting its clients, and promoting the combined benefits of BCRC global presence and local understanding of individual markets.

BCRC Canada now has a client portfolio of over 90 universities, colleges, private pathway providers, schools, and English language providers. Significant work has been undertaken across BCRC global network to enhance student counsellors’ knowledge and understanding of the Canadian educational system and the unique offerings of our partner institutions. Counsellor expertise is further supported by BCRC sophisticated CRM system OSCAR, which in addition to maintaining customer data and providing custom reporting functions, also includes a comprehensive Knowledge Base on multi-destination educational offerings.

Dr. Mansur Mulk

Ph.D. MBA, M.Eng., MSc

Message from Chief Executive Officer

British Canada Resources Center (BCRC-BD) is a proud Educational Consulting Agency in Bangladesh born to support students to achieve their outstanding educational success globally. Applying to top universities in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia can open doors to incredible careers for graduate and post graduate students. Our world class experts helps students to reach their highest academic success no matter where they apply.


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