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BCRC is one of the most popular education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. in 2023 we celebrate our 5 years of Success. We actively represent 900+ universities from 7 countries currently. Before you take your decision please check with our counselors for the latest university list. We only promote quality educational institutes among our students so that they can get a value of their degree after completion of study in their career life.

So if you decide to take higher study from any of the following countries please visit us and take free advice from us. Countries are Canada, USA,  Australia, UK, Germany, Spain & Brunei.

Student Counseling

We promote our activities among prospective students and receive lot of enquiries and question. Sometimes students visit our office. Sometimes we visit different school and institutes and also we receive lots of question through email & social media.

Visa Guidance

This is a very important part for a student’s study abroad process. Our trained counselor’s advice students according to embassy regulation for visa and also take mock interview before final visa interview by Embassy.

Financial Aid & Scholarship

Our Partner Universities offer different types of tuition fees discount & scholarship. These offers are based on students result and extra curriculum activities. Student get all the information from our office on this regard.

Course/University Selection

BCRC is the official representative of a good number of universities worldwide and we also sign new agreements with new universities regularly. So we can offer student a wide range of choice.

Student Profile Analysis

Our experienced counselors analysis students academic background and they try to match it with their choice, if student’s selected course is relevant, they process it, else they guide student’s to choose alternatives.

Admission Assistance

Students get all update forms and checklists from our office regarding admission. Students need to provide us all required item like, Educational documents (such as Transcript, certificate, IELTS) with copy of passport and CV etc.

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Work Permit / LMIA

Unlock international career prospects and connect with professionals worldwide while experiencing new cultures and diverse workplaces.

LMIA, or Labour Market Impact Assessment, is a key aspect of Canadian immigration. It’s a process that employers go through to demonstrate the need to hire a foreign worker over a Canadian one, ensuring that the hiring won’t negatively impact the local job market.

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Super Visa

Your gateway to extended family visits and the chance to immerse yourself in a rich cultural tapestry. Explore the benefits of super visa program.

The Super Visa is designed for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, offering a multiple-entry option for stays of up to two years. It serves as an efficient solution for extended family reunification.

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Canadian Experience Class

Your opportunity to join a diverse community of highly skilled workers from around the world and build a meaningful career in Canada’s vibrant landscape.

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a part of Canada’s Express Entry immigration system. It’s for individuals with skilled work experience in Canada, providing a pathway to permanent residency.

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Skilled Worker / Trades

Elevate your career with specialized expertise, collaborate with professionals worldwide, and shape the future of industries.

Skilled Worker/Trades, commonly known as the Federal Skilled Trades Program, is part of Canada’s Express Entry system.

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Self Employed

Embrace entrepreneurship and creativity on a global stage, forging your own path to success while contributing to the diverse landscape of industries and innovation.

The Self-Employed program in Canada is tailored for individuals who are self-employed.

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Provincial Nomination

Secure your future in a Canadian province, contribute to vibrant local communities, and enrich your life with diverse cultures and experiences.

Provincial nomination is when a Canadian province or territory nominates an individual for permanent residency based on their skills, work experience, or ties to that specific region.

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Spousal Sponsorship

Reunite with loved ones and embark on a journey of togetherness and new beginnings, and create lasting memories in a welcoming environment.

Spousal sponsorship is a program that allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for permanent residency.

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Student / Minor Student

Pursue your educational dreams in Canada, broaden your horizons, prepare for a future filled with opportunities, and join a diverse community of global learners.

The Student/Minor Student category is the gateway for international students and minor students to make their mark in Canada.

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Choose your path to a promising future in Canada, whether through valuable work experience, permanent residency, or a combination of both, and build a fulfilling life in a diverse and inclusive nation.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) is a work permit that allows international students who have graduated from eligible Canadian institutions to work in Canada.


Loan Finance

Access financial support to pursue your dreams and aspirations in Canada, whether it’s for education, starting a business, or achieving personal goals, and take a step closer to realizing your ambitions.

Find more information about loan financing at https://www.mpowerfinancing.com/

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Visitor Visa

Discover new horizons, create cherished memories with loved ones, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures during your stay abroad.

The Visitor Visa is a temporary resident visa that allows individuals to enter Canada for various purposes, such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or attending business meetings.

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Work Permit

Discover new horizons, create cherished memories with loved ones, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures during your stay abroad.

A Work Permit is a document issued by the Canadian government that authorizes foreign nationals to work in Canada for a specific period.

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